USA Cycling, Inc. Governance & Election Info


USA Cycling Election Overview

Each year, USA Cycling holds elections among our license holders for various positions on our sport committees. Members can vote for candidates in their various constituent groups. Sport committee terms are for two years for non-athletes and four years for athletes, and the positions are staggered such that there are elections for various positions held every year.

Nominations notices are usually published in May and voting begins later in the summer.

Election Information and Eligibility Guidelines

USA Cycling Board of Directors

National Technical Commission

The National Technical Commission (NTC) serves in an advisory function to the Technical Director and to the Chief Executive Officer of USA Cycling on issues relating to rules and regulations, officiating at the national level, and to communicate national policies relating to officiating to district- and regional-level organizations.

Sport Committees

The seven sport committees (Road, Mountain Bike, Professional, BMX, Collegiate, Track, and Cyclo-cross) were created in 2011 when the USA Cycling Board of Directors approved a revised organizational governance structure with the goal of ensuring the bylaws and operating principles of the company accurately reflect the current business models of the sport today and for the foreseeable future.

The role of the sport committees is to serve in an advisory capacity and work with USA Cycling staff to develop competition rules and consider issues relevant to their respective discipline. Each sport committee will also nominate and elect representatives to the USA Cycling Board of Directors. Representation on sport committees is based on membership categories rather than by region, allowing all of the stakeholders in our sport to have a more relevant and consistent role in the development and growth of each specific discipline.


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